Cats Wallpapers

The cat is an animal that follows its own paths, has a mysterious personality and diverse symbols. It is the second favorite man's companion next to the dog. The cat's image is a frequently used motif in interior design - it appears on decorative pillows, posters, paintings and even wallpapers. Wallpapers with cats are not intended only for lovers of these animals. There are also no restrictions on the space in which you can use them. The motif is perfect for children's rooms, bedroom or living room. No matter what style you prefer, in the rich Pixers offer you will surely find a pattern that will steal your heart. Wallpaper with a cat in black and white will turn out to be an original idea for the wall for the interior in a modern, minimalist and Scandinavian style. It will create a cozy atmosphere in the room, enliven it and give it a unique character with a touch of humor. Colorful wallpapers with cats from cartoons are eagerly chosen by the youngest. They will work in both the boy's and girl's room. The space decorated with them will be filled with positive, joyful energy. 3D wallpaper with cats is new. Graphics made in three-dimensional technology makes the surface gain depth and enlarges it optically. Such pet will be great in veterinary offices. ... more

Did you know…

Are you looking for something to add beauty to your home interior? We have a simple proposition here: Invite a cat inside. Express your love for the animals in your domicile with some playful cat wallpaper. Our designs will display your admiration for them in a stylish manner. These calm, crazy & everything in between animals can sometimes dominate the entire household while capturing the hearts and minds of everybody in the family. For now, maybe let's just focus on the kids. Check out Pixers colourful cat wallpapers for children’s bedrooms. From a retro black & white artistic image to repeated patterns of paw prints, someplace in your home is screaming out for some of those designs. Angry ones, fluffy Persians, comedy cats - there's some superb wallpaper for boys and girls, right here, below. Cute and lovely as they already are, these wallpapers can make your interior charming in such a wonderful way. When added to a kid’s room, the designs will spark your young one’s interest and fascination over these cuddly little fellas. Now is the easy part: pick the wallpaper design of your choice and you will surely end up with a wonderful kid's room that is welcoming, comfortable and appealing.