Self-Adhesive Posters

Posters have long ceased to be the domain of young people. They are more and more often the decor of offices and rooms in high-standard apartments. On Pixers you can find dozens of designs matching every taste and interior design. Self-adhesive posters give many possibilities and enable the transformation of any room. A large sticker can completely change even minimalistic spaces. In the living room, bedroom, hallway or home office, you can hang several posters next to each other, thus combining different themes and colors. You won't have to wait long for the effects and joy of your household. Personalization of self-adhesive posters available on Pixers are made in the best quality, making them much more durable. Sticking a self-adhesive poster on the wall is a quick and simple operation. It does not require the use of drills, nails or tapes. It should only be remembered that the surface on which it is planned to be placed should be smooth and even. Otherwise, air bubbles may get under the poster, which will give a very unsightly look. It is also a good idea to stick it on the cardboard and place it in the frame. ... more

Did you know…

Back in the day, posters belonged to the walls of teenagers' rooms: photos of their favorite artists or images, printed at least in A4 format. Now, posters are printed on special paper and framed, which makes them more elegant - you can even say that they have taken over the role of paintings.