Country Wallpapers

The tumultuous events of 2020 changed everything. One of the things we got to rediscover was our shared need to get back to nature. Fortunately, you're in a great place to do just that. Welcome to the Pixers Country Wallpaper collection. Get ready to create a stress-free, calm and happy vibe inside your home. We understand that not everybody can pack things up, sell their flat and move to the countryside. For some, there have to be other ways to stay grounded and happy. Our impeccable offering of different styles of village wall coverings will instantly bring to mind a sense of the best childhood memories. After all, who didn't wait to visit their grandparents, run on perfect green grass, play with the animals, swim in the lake and do all those many other things you do when you’re young and footloose and fancy free? Get back to those days as much as you can. Scroll down a bit and find your next wallpaper. Turn around your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom decor. A lot of our options are both custom-made waterproof, so they are guaranteed to fit your needs. So invite the country wallpapers inside. The happiness will follow. ... more