Fridge Stickers

All fridges look essentially the same. Large, white or silver piece of furniture, which is found in every kitchen, more or less covered with magnets or paper pieces with a long outdated shopping list. However, it doesn't have to be like this anymore. We can make your fridge different than any other, and make sure that nobody will be able to walk past it indifferently. Thanks to fridge stickers, this essential kitchen equipment will become a decoration, enhancing the design of your kitchen. ... more


Designing modern apartments, wrapping furniture with stickers is becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to that, an ordinary fridge can look as if it was made from a different material – for example, wood. But that's not the end to the possibilities… you can make your fridge look as if it was a Marshall amplification unit, London telephone booth or give a new dimension to your entire kitchen with a 3D fridge sticker.