New York Wall Murals - Vinyl

New York is a symbol. A multitude of iconic places makes this city recognizable for millions of people around the world. This popularity is also reflected in the number of gadgets which use the image of New York City. Thanks to New York wall murals you will feel the atmosphere of this extraordinary city in your home! ... more


In 1626, Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island from the tribe of Delaware Indians. It cost 60 guilders what was about 24 of today's dollars. We can only wonder: if they had known how important their island would become, would they have sold it so easily? On the other hand, thanks to this transaction we have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful city. Therefore we must admit that Peter Minuit knew how to do businesses. Buying Manhattan Island was the first step for the foundation of something that after hundreds of years would become the world's largest metropolis and a city that would be visited by millions of tourists from all over the world.