Window Decals

Window and glass stickers are an interesting alternative to traditional forms of window decoration. If you want to get rid of dusty curtains, curtains or blinds, and instead put on unconventional decoration, consider buying a personalized window sticker. Christmas, themed stickers with fairytale motifs as well as geometric and floral patterns are increasingly appearing not only in apartments, but also in offices, public facilities, kindergartens and schools. The popularity of this solution is determined by a very simple application of the sticker to windows in the kitchen, bathroom, office. You can easily remove such a sticker from the glass and replace it with a new pattern, and there is infinite number of them. You can easily find a pattern that gives the office space a little more color, as well as graphics with your child's favorite fairy tale characters. The glass stickers are made of soft PVC foil that imitates tinted glass. The incomplete transparency of the background creates a degree of intimacy, which is why this solution also works for bathroom windows. In addition, thanks to personalization options, any graphics can be adapted to the dimensions of even the most unusual window. ... more

Did you know…

On the Pixers platform, you can find a plethora of window stickers, including stained glass stickers. The special material they are printed on allows you to stick them on any glass surface, like glass cabinet doors, glass drawers or mirrors.