Window Curtains

Window curtains can change any interior. They not only give the rooms an individual character, but also make them simply cozy. When choosing from dozens of original designs on, you should not worry about the right size. Window curtains are a decorative element that you only think about at the end of arranging the interior. They allow you to keep your privacy at home and please the eye of the household. Sometimes changing window curtains can give a new life to even minimalist spaces and completely change their character. Curtains in the windows come in countless patterns and colors. You can choose from very modern accents (including geometrical figures and graffiti), floral, animal, portraits and architecture. also has window curtains tailored to the needs of children, with comic and fairy tale motifs. Curtains in the bedroom are especially important to ensure a healthy and long sleep. Any artificial light from street lamps or neon lights interferes with the pineal gland, which is responsible for the secretion of sleep hormone, or melatonin. It is worth remembering when arranging this interior. ... more

Did you know…

The history of decorative textiles is long, but the window curtain as we know it is only 300 years old. However, it wasn't until the development of industry in the 19th century that they became widely accessible - though still reserved for the wealthy. Fortunately, the 20th century spoiled us with choices of many beautiful – and finally affordable – designs.