Zebras Wallpapers

Let's go on an African adventure! You don't have to take your binoculars - with Pixers Zebras Wallpaper, anybody can spot these marvellous creatures. Let's see how many you find! From their skin, full of hypnotizing stripes, to their social behaviour - zebras are unique inside and out. The zebra is a majestic wild animal like no other. It possesses a deep meaning in the shamanism of African tribal traditions, along with many other ancient religions. This animal stands for community, freedom, balance and individualism. So now we know why you're here with us. If you want to surprise guests with original decor in your flat, choose Pixers wallpaper, which is a guarantee of a stylish room for yourself and your family. Many people are afraid of expressive colours in their interior design. Don't be like others. Be yourself. Vibrant & vivid zebra animal skin prints are a way to go if you want to fill your African themed jungle room with positive energy. Only a handful of patterns can be both sophisticated yet fun and playful at the same time. These wall coverings right here fit this description perfectly. This particular theme does so well in tiny to medium spaces, making the entire area stand out. Try them, for example, in a powder or laundry room, on a bedroom wall or in an edgy dining room. ... more