Butterflies Wallpapers

A symbol of life, growth & reincarnation. Introduce your home to a bit of spring — put some butterfly wallpaper onto your walls! Created to be an eye-catching star for your feature wall, they can work as a primary or secondary element of your decor. Your family will simply adore the way their colorful wings can fill up a precious space to relax, contemplate, or have endless, meaningful conversations over a cup of tea. What's great about Pixers butterfly wallpapers is that they fit into both modern and somewhat classical homes. No need to change your entire home round just to make this one piece of nature work. Find seamless silhouette patterns of monarchs and other butterfly species in our Pixers wallpaper collection. Discover butterflies in the wilderness, flying up to the sky or represented artistically. Exotic wallpaper designs featuring butterfly prints can bring any space to life tremendously. Whether you’re a lover of the outdoors or just want to bring their majestic beauty into your place, you’re guaranteed to find inspiration with us. ... more