Teen's room Wall Murals

Wall murals for a teenager's room are not only an aesthetic solution or a solution that protects a wall against damage. It is primarily a decoration with which teenagers can express their passions and create an individual atmosphere in the room.

Why is it worth choosing a mural for a youth room?

A mural for a teen's room is a very interesting and desirable solution that works well for teenagers. The multitude of solutions, the variety of graphics, the possibility of adjusting them to the style of the arrangement of the entire room and the ease of installation make them a very useful tool.

Many of the graphics on the wall murals refer to the youth style and are drawn with a comic book line. You can also find retro, industrial and eclectic proposals. There are also shows referring to teenagers' passions. Designs inspired by space and graphics referring to sport, architecture or simply abstract compositions are very popular. Young fashionistas can choose from a variety of glamor or shabby chic style proposals.

Wall murals for a teenager's room should not be chosen by yourself. It is better to encourage the child to help in creating the project and decide together which graphics will be best presented in the room.

However, you don't have to stress if your teen decides after six months that he wants to change the composition. Wall murals are much easier to remove than traditional wallpapers, and installing a new one takes little time. If you choose a self-adhesive wall mural, you can detach it, stick it and move it to different places without losing the quality or adhesion of the material. Just remember to carefully select the size of the photo wallpaper and choose the right type that will match the needs of the room.

Types of wall murals

At the stage of placing the order, the customer has the option of adjusting the method of preparing the graphics to his individual preferences. One of the parameters that you can set yourself is the type of a wall mural. All types are made of very durable and damage-resistant material, and individual models have additional special properties. You can choose from:

  • washable wall mural - resistant to moisture, durable and matte, perfect for interiors that are frequently exposed to moisture and dirt. It will work in the kitchen, bathroom or children's room. You can clean it with a damp cloth;
  • self-adhesive wall mural - extremely resistant to tearing and creasing, made of a matte and self-adhesive material. You can stick it on and off many times, and you can clean it with a dry cloth;
  • vinyl wall mural - made of ecological, durable and matte material that provides the walls with optimal breathability. This solution will work best on even and smooth walls. Such a wall mural can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth.

How to adjust a wall mural to the room?

When choosing a wall mural, you need to precisely define the dimensions of the wall on which you want to install it. In this case, it is best to use a laser meter that will give you the most accurate results and prevent you from making a mistake.

Today's printing options allow you to place orders for wall murals with very specific dimensions. You don't have to worry that after receiving the product, you will have to cut it yourself or it will turn out to be too small. By personalizing your order, you can precisely define the dimensions of a given photo wallpaper. Depending on the selected graphics and your expectations, you can also adjust the picture on the photo wallpaper in such a way as to keep the full graphics. Thanks to this, you will receive a perfectly matched project, the assembly of which takes literally a moment. And if you choose a self-adhesive wallpaper, you won't even need glue.

On which wall should I stick the wall mural?

A wall mural will always look good in a teenager's room, although there are several places where it is best to place it:

  • on the wall with the bed - this way you create an interesting atmosphere in the room and at the same time create a relaxation zone. A wall mural does not have to be neutral. It may relate to the interests of the teenager;
  • on the wall with the desk - this is again a solution that allows you to set the work zone in a teenager's room and protects the wall from damage. Even if the wall is accidentally splashed with juice or coffee, you don't have to worry - just wipe the wall mural with a damp or dry cloth;
  • on the wall next to the game set - wall murals for the player's room are a different category of graphics, but you will also find interesting suggestions for a teenager's room, thanks to which you can create an interesting corner for the game.
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