Dubai Wall Murals - Vinyl

There are places in the world that attract tourists hungry for entertainment and nightlife, as well as those who appreciate the beauty of architecture. If you are in one of those groups and you are looking for a decoration that will represent your interests, you are in a good place. Here you will find wall murals with the beautiful city of Dubai which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. You do not need to be an architect to appreciate the hard work put into the structure of skyscrapers. If you don't have time for distant travels, our Dubai wallpapers will bring you closer to that amazing place. We have prepared a lot of photos so you will find everything that is needed to change the look of your living room, bedroom or office. One of the advantages of these wallpapers is that they look really nice in every room. See for yourself how much magic is hidden in them. ... more


Since 2000 the government in Dubai has initiated a lot of modern architectural projects in the whole region. What is important they are in progress and not only on paper! Tourists who often visit this city say that it is not easy to see Dubai’s sky without at least one crane. Try to take an interesting photo then! What is more, because of the fast process of development and numerous constructions experts say that nearly 1/3 of all the world's cranes can be found in Dubai. In the past the main income of the city was dependent on oil resources, now services and tourism are much more important. The change in 2002 which allowed foreigners to own some land in Dubai also influenced the boom in architecture. Thanks to that we can now admire a lot of new hotels, theme parks, shopping centres and stadiums. It had a positive influence on all of the spheres of life in this city that is why cultural and educational places have also flourished.