Warsaw Wall Murals - Vinyl

Warsaw is the Polish capital and one of the most beautiful cities over the Vistula River. The city full of the significant buildings and places about which everyone interested in Poland should know something. The city that survived tragedy during the World War II, but was able to rise again and rebuilt itself thanks to the solidarity of its residents. Warsaw is a place where business connects with history. Also, it is a city which has a lot to offer. We have decided to incorporate all this into our patterns. ... more


Warsaw is the only capital in the European Union with a nature reserve in the middle of its territory. It is Czerniakowskie Lake and the whole land around it. The fauna and flora that exist there impress every nature enthusiast. The amazing thing is that the reserve has survived all these years and you can admire it in an unchanged form. The Czerniakowskie Lake is a very important place because of the plants and animals you can find there. This is a quite unique area. Everyone who visits Warsaw should certainly visit it.