Krakow Wall Murals - Vinyl

Krakow. A city and a symbol. Probably there is no other so meaningful place that means so much to every Polish citizen. In Krakow you can find the most famous historical buildings and museums. This is a city where every year thousands of tourists come to learn the history of Poland and the royal dynasties that once ruled here. Krakow is also a city strongly associated with many legends that shape the awareness of all citizens. Besides, the greatest artists lived and created here their works. Due to all those facts, there is no other city that deserves as much to have its own collection of patterns. Let this collection be our tribute to the city. ... more


Krakow is one of the biggest Polish cities. Because of the rich tourist offer, the city is often visited by enthusiasts of history and great fun from all over the world. Horse carriage rides through the old town are very popular. The flower sellers and pigeons became the Market Square symbols. The city wouldn’t also exist, if not the dozens of museums and galleries.