Rainbows Posters

After every storm, the sun comes out. And what does the sun bring to us? Step inside the Pixers Rainbows Poster collection. Brighten up your walls with cheerful colours and some of the most spectacular landscapes. Turn your favourite song on (how about Happy by Pharrell Williams?) and start your celebration dance, full of joy and laughter. Of course, we bet that there are some people out there who love when it's pouring rain. After all, sometimes coffee or tea taste way better, with a good book on a rainy day. But let's be honest - there's nothing like the feeling when life reappears on the streets again. Playtime is upon us! Refresh your hallway. Colour up the living room a bit. Bring some nature inside the master bedroom, covered with endless plants. What about putting the cherry on top of your kid's room with a splendid rainbow poster? Imagine hanging up your perfect rainbow poster. Feel the instant happiness and positive energy spreading across the room. See how it changes your mood and thoughts. Now turn that vision into a reality. Pick the best rainbow poster for your home. Order it. Wait for it (just a bit). Hang it. Look at it. Smile at it. Tell your friends about it. Help your friends choose their order. Become one big, rainbow happy family. That's the power of Pixers Posters. Are you ready for it? ... more