Minimalist Posters

Who said that if you want simplicity around you, there's no other way to go than black and white? Get ready to be amazed by the stunning Pixers’ Minimalist Posters collection. Find the beauty in the purest of forms.For well over a decade now, minimalism - along with brutalist architecture and interior design - has been on its wave to trendy magazines, influential portals, and TV shows around the world. It seems natural that as our life gets more and more complex, we're trying to find some balance in such trends as minimalism. Minimalist Posters are quite versatile - they could fit perfectly in every single room of your space - from the office, living room, bathroom to the laundry room. If your wall seems kind of naked, simply put up a sleek poster and watch your interior transform in a matter of seconds. In our selection, you will find all sorts of different approaches to this topic - from abstract, geometrical paintings, flowers, photographs of incredible staircases, architecture details to micro and macro nature shots. There's certainly a poster for you here! ... more