Ceiling Posters

When everybody else is looking down, try looking up at the sky instead. Most parents, when decorating and designing a kid's room, often forget about the ceiling - talk about a lost opportunity to shine! Ceilings are almost by default the most overlooked and underrated part of the home. The decor you choose for them can make or break the overall feel of the whole interior. Ceiling posters are a perfect way to add a hint of color, throw in an element of fantasy or make rooms look like a totally fun hangout spot. Some pattern designs might also make the ceiling appear taller, making your kid's room feel that much more warm and welcoming. When it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms, there are no limits to your imagination. This is a space where you can & also should have a little fun because certain style rules don't necessarily apply here. But remember, children tend to change their minds quickly, so it’s best to stick to a rather neutral piece of furniture and then insert the fun with, for example, sweet ceiling poster art. These accents of course can be layered and edited over time to grow with the child. It's time to take things to another level. See what we’ve got for ceiling poster design ideas and make your kids’ room fresh, from the bottom to the top. ... more