History Posters

Explore the world, past, present and future with Pixers History Posters designs. History is fascinating. There are so many patterns and hidden facts to discover while studying it. Just don't forget Winston Churchill's quote: “History is Written by Victors.” No matter if you are doing specific research or not, you can always do one thing. Immerse yourself with images of numerous Old Towns from around the globe. Travel the world and see The Majestic Coliseum in Rome, Pyramids in Giza or check out Big Ben, overlooking The House of Parliament and the Westminster Bridge. Browse numerous maps of the world and Europe as well. Buy yourself old anatomical drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. Have you ever seen some Ottoman Empire emblems? One would think that all the best jewellery in the world is only Paris, London or Antwerp. The point is, no matter what age of time is your favourite, what place or historical figure stole your heart or curiosity, you will find it all in here. So make yourself a gift or buy a timeless, historic poster for somebody close to you. Maybe with every look, there will be something new to discover? ... more