Bands Posters

Turn the volume up but don't blow up your speakers. It's time for some music! Welcome to the Pixers Band Poster collection. Let's rock the boat & find you your next music poster. Posters have pretty much forever been one of the essential categories of a band merch in the world. Who didn’t have posters of their favourite bands and musicians hanging on their walls while growing up? And we bet most of the time, a lot of them got ripped apart or covered up when you discovered a new hot sound to love, right? How many band posters were in your college or university dorm room? What popular movies and TV shows have featured music posters? Band posters (not necessarily only for rock bands) are everywhere because they’re just simply iconic. That's something - we hope - will never change. Express your love for sounds, melodies, guitar riffs, crazy drums and unforgettable songs with this amazing set of music posters. Get down and get funky or pick something classic and classy. Choose something abstract or transport yourself to the legendary New York Cotton Club, where the jazz was at its finest level. One thing is for sure - no matter what you end up getting for yourself, this gift will be a 10/10. ... more