Fairies Wallpapers

Make your little princess shout, jump, run, smile, cry, hug and kiss you from the joy of having a per-fec-tly redecorated room. Welcome to the Pixers Fairies Wallpaper collection. Let's turn some dreams into reality! No magical wand is necessary. Kids are naturally the #1 most important element of our life. We want to keep them safe, let them be them and give them everything we didn't have growing up. After all, childhood is the only time in life when we are welcome to stay in our imaginary world, free from any real responsibilities. So keep this fairytale alive today. They'll thank you for it later. Full of bright colours, these fairy wallpapers will create unmistakable patterns and turn a little girl’s bedroom into a World Of Magic headquarters. Get ready to hear endless stories from a place where everything is possible - adventures worth countless books, full of incredible creatures. The more you give your little ones to play with, especially when it comes to their first personal space, the better they'll grow. ... more