Angry Birds Wall Murals - Vinyl

Wall murals connected with cartoons and films are really popular now! They are used to change interiors but also to decorate facilities connected with all types of services for children. The difficultness of choosing the best decoration is connected with the fact, that they are changing so quickly that every month you hear about a different hero or movie star. ... more


Angry birds appeared in 2009 as a game produced by the Apple. Everything starts with a simple story and rules are really easy, too. You use slingshots and transfer birds to a different level where they have to fight with pigs. If you want to win, you have to defeat all the pigs. The game became so popular that producers quickly sold over 12 millions of copies for iPhones and other iOS devices. The next step was to produce the version for other systems like Android or Windows. Now you can play this game everywhere! The success of it is connected with the funny theme, characters and its low price. That is why cartoons and films based on the Angry Birds motif appeared very quickly.