Dance Wall Murals - Vinyl

Dance wall murals are probably the most versatile collection ever, capturing the impressive, limitless diversity of this sport… or rather art? If we were to describe dance with only one word, we would say it’s pure expression: of feelings, emotions, cultural ties. It’s an expression of human soul, as is the space you live in. Think about the dance you love the most, close your eyes, feel the rhythm in your body. Feel inspired? Keep this inspiration beating – all you need is the right dance wall mural! ... more


Many say that you can experience a dance best by watching a live performance, or by dancing yourself, of course. Cinema proves that dance can be equally thrilling on the silver screen, though. Who could forget Fred Astaire’s ceiling dance or the bold moves in The Dirty Dancing? Still more iconic dance scenes keep appearing at the cinematography’s hall of fame, and what is the best about it – they keep appearing in all styles, in all possible rhythms.