Skateboards Stickers

There are many ways to feel total freedom. Drive your car just wherever it takes you, swim in the ocean, go skydiving or you can kick-flip through your city, alone or with your friends, on your skateboard. Just like bikes, they are one of the first ways that we start exploring, feeling our freedom and breaking boundaries. They also work as one of the most timeless life lessons: whenever you fall, go back up on your feet. Now you can take your skateboarding passion to a whole other level with the Pixers skateboarding stickers collection. Put a sticker on your table. Put it on or in your wardrobe, laptop, fridge or straight on your wall. You know the rules - there are no rules. Kick it. Flip it. Break it to make it yours. These are your stickers, so do whatever you want. Just never leave your board behind. ... more