Vintage Wall Murals - Vinyl

Looking for a way to make your apartment stand out from all the rest of ordinary, boring flats? Vintage wall murals help you achieve just that, and more! Many people struggle to show their inner selfs, and with what's available today, it's not always easy. Everyone is going for LED lights, plastic decoration and stainless steel kitsch, which some consider being empty and soulless. Vintage wall murals could be the answer to your problems! ... more

Did you know…

Many people use the terms "vintage" and "retro" alternately, thinking they are basically the same, but that's not true. Vintage can refer to using traditional materials or techniques, while retro means depicting older images with the use of modern technology and materials. That's why vintage wall murals look as if they were older and more old-fashioned than they actually are, while retro wall murals just have images of things popular a while back, without looking old-fashioned at all.