Glamour Wall Murals - Vinyl

This category is devoted to all those who are looking for glamour and for an easy way to transform their interiors with some style. Patterns here are dedicated mostly to women because they show fashion, cosmetics, beauty and a lot of styles. If you are looking for some stylish accessories to your bedroom, living room, office, study, bathroom or hall you are in a good place. Also if you are an owner of the beauty salon, hairdresser's or spa, you will find some themes that will certainly interest you. ... more


Usually, you can summarise the glamour style with just three words: elegance, extravagance and luxury. What is more, it is present in many areas of our lives! Sometimes we associate it only with clothing and fashion shows where we can observe models in colourful and rich decorated dresses with sequins and glittering extras. However, the glamour style is also a big part of the interior design industry. The main feature of apartments decorated in accordance to this style is that they are richly furnished. The luxury, elegance and highest quality correspond with the attention to details. Tell us what you would like to change!