Orange Wallpapers

One of the most vibrant colours. Delicious fruit. Add a splash of summer magic to your domicile with a little help from Pixers orange wallpapers. With the 80 stunning orange interior design ideas you'll find below, we definitely have something in store for you. From seamless nature patterns, some geometric propositions, retro and grunge art all the way to classic fruits, you can cheer up your walls in the matter of a few clicks. Orange wallpaper designs are fantastic for the kitchen. Cooking will never be dull again with that fruit around you. Who knows, maybe a change of wallpaper will lead to some discoveries on your plate? Another room made for oranges is the hallway. Having bright, and even somewhat hypnotic walls in that area will instantly set up a good mood right from the moment your guest comes inside. There are never enough tips & tricks like that to level up your home, don't you think? When we talk about rooms adorned with orange wallpaper, we have to mention the kid's room. Usually, they are the most energetic people in the family, waking everybody up on the weekend, when all you want to do is relax. Make their rooms show their energy, personalities and drive to have fun with some of our offerings. ... more