Mandala Wallpapers

A spiritual and artistic adventure might be upon you. Welcome to the Pixers Mandala wallpapers selection. This is where the question of whether you are a maker or breaker can get answered while meditating. At the core of it, Mandala is a perfect symmetry between a square and a circle. Square stands for our inner life, anything connected to us and Mother Earth. The circle is a symbol of the sky, transcendence, outside world and infinity. Those two geometric figures stay connected in the centre, which is the beginning and the end. If you want to add a sense of harmony, or maybe if you want to embark on the journey of self-discovery and spirituality, this will be an incredible addition to your space. Mandalas are not only colourful and complex. They can almost hypnotize you as well as make you think and contemplate. Create a stunning feature wall in your living room. Make a statement in your corridor. Or put it in a place where it will be the last and the first thing you see during the day. There are so many exquisite pieces in here! Order your Mandala wallpaper today. Let it be the first step or one of many steps into your new life journey. ... more