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    Vinyl Wallpaper

    Although the dominating motif may be changing, the trend for patterns is still very much in bloom! Wallpaper will allow you to use their potential and create an interior in line with the latest trends and at the same time tailored to your taste. Select your pattern, size, and even the scale and dress your walls in a unique design!

    You can easily install our matte, durable and ecological wallpaper on your own. Perfectly reproduced colors will provide a feast for the eyes, while the nonwoven fabric will allow the walls to breathe. Choose the perfect design and size of your wallpaper and allow new energy to enter your interior!

    Cleaning method:  a dry cloth

    Suggested use:  smooth and even walls

    Single sheet maximum width:  100 cm (39.4 in). If dimensions exceed the maximum sheet width, the print will be made up of several equal size sheets.

    Suggested adhesive:  Metylan Direct

    Additional options: laminate
    Do you need your wallpaper to be resistant to moisture characteristic of bathrooms and kitchens? Add laminate to obtain extra protection for the material, and clean with a damp cloth.

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    Author: © fabioarimatea

    Material: Vinyl Wallpaper

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    Pixers supports the use of only safe, odorless and 100% eco-friendly HP Latex technology.

    We try to keep you positively surprised and fully satisfied with Pixers services, so we give you as much as 365 days to return them, in case you are not satisfied with them.

    You can choose free Standard delivery and receive your order within a few days, or our Express delivery to get the shipment even faster.


    At Pixers, we believe in the power of stories. They allow us to express who we are and inspire others at the same time.

    For us the personalization of interiors is a form of contemporary storytelling. Show us where you live, and we will tell you who you are. Tell us who you are, and we will assist you in creating a living space to suit your taste.

    Change the space in ways thus far unknown to you. Create interiors that will take your breath away. Homes, offices, restaurants, or hotels will take on new colors to tell stories more colorful than from One Thousand and One Nights.

    An infinite number of designs and your unrestricted inventiveness combine into incalculable possibilities for creating interiors unlike any other. Your imagination is the only limit. Tell your own story and enjoy the change.

    We recommend printing using solely the latest, eco-friendly HP Latex Printing technology which will ensure odor-free and 100% safe prints. We do not recommend printing using a different technology.
    Use the search engine on the home page – enter a keyword, e.g. New York and check the results. You can find preselected propositions in the menu that you may be interested in, which can be later filtered by theme, designation, or style.
    You can personalize the selected design to suit your needs and preferences. You can determine the print size and frame, as well as select an additional color effect on the pattern's page. You can also decide what material you would like to have your printout on. After defining the print size, a dotted line rectangle appears on the photo. This is the frame, i.e. the dimensions selected by you transferred onto the image. We will print this marked and highlighted area of the photograph. You can move it and set in a selected place. It is saved automatically after the item is added to the cart.
    Yes. Each design can be printed on any of the materials available on the pattern's page. Other materials with the same design can be found in the “One pattern everywhere” section.
    Absolutely. Please contact our customer service department at: The file should be saved in the following formats: .jpg or .tiff or in following graphic vector formats: pdf, .ai, .cdr, .eps. Assume that the 1,500 pixels (px) minimum corresponds with 100 cm of print, i.e. a 1500x1500 px file will yield a 100x100 cm print. A 3000x3000 px file will yield a 200x200 cm print, etc. It would be good if the file has 300 dpi.

    The final file assessment is always performed by a graphic designer.
    Each design has an indicated maximum print size - information can be found in the "width" and "height" fields. Enter the values within the maximum size scope – this is a guarantee of high image quality. If no maximum values are provided, the image may be printed in any size without loss in image quality.
    The order delivery time depends only on the selected delivery type and it is counted from the business day following the date on which the payment was processed in our bank account. You will be notified on the status of your order to the e-mail address provided in the order form.

    There are four order statuses:
    1. Placed (we have accepted the order).
    2. Paid (we have received payment).
    3. In progress (the order is waiting to be printed).
    4. Sent.
    Your printout will be sent in secure mailing tubes or boxes through DHL. You will receive an email with the parcel waybill number on the date of mailing.
    Unfortunately, we do not offer this option. We complete orders upon receiving payment. You have several payment options when placing an order.