Bikes Wallpapers

Welcome to Pixers Bikes Wallpapers. Are you ready for the ride? There are lots of benefits from riding a bike regularly. The number one might be health. Riding your bike helps you fight any extra weight. Secondly, it works like a charm for your legs. Did we mention your heart and lungs? You don't have to live in Amsterdam or Copenhagen, cities globally known as cyclist capitals, to hop on a bike and start moving. After all, let's change one narrative forever. Growing up, we bet that you and your friends were riding your bikes for hours. What happened between those times and today? It's really great that you're here with us today. If your child’s room needs a bit of interior refreshment, use it as an occasion for yourself. Go into your basement or attic and find your bike. We bet you have to clean it. So just do it. Check the pressure of the tires while you're at it. And start cycling. You don't have to win the Tour de France, that's not the point. It's all about reconnecting with the joy of movement. You can't watch every TV show, see every film or read every book that's out there, so what’s there to lose? Ask yourself this question: Why are kids so happy while they ride their bicycles? Let the images on your wall remind you of that feeling and be happy like a kid every day. ... more