Tulips Wall Murals - Vinyl

Tulips is the first theme that comes to our mind when we think of decorating an interior. They are beautiful, they smell great and they present themselves just glamorously in any house, whether it is just a single tulip or a bouquet in a vase. Now you can keep their greatly enlarged image for as long as you want - if you decide for a wall mural with tulips. ... more

Did you know…

Tulips are flowers with a wide palette of colors. Each of them represents different attributes. For example, orange means power, enthusiasm, passion, while yellow symbolizes joy and happiness. Red colored flowers epitomize true love, while violet is reminiscent of the grandeur and royal power. White is the color we traditionally associate with purity and innocence. Depending on the color of tulips, we can achieve a different, specific effect in our interiors!