Stairs Wall Murals - Vinyl

Stairs, an amazingly simple construction, are in fact an inconspicious gem found at every corner, some of them ordinary and practical, some full of antique character, making the narrow streets somewhere in Italy picturesque and charming. Stairs have dozens of different faces, all of which we have tried to capture and give to you in the form stairs wall murals. With this collection of patterns, you will be able to change your space within minutes, either giving it a dreamy appearance, or a big-city spirit. ... more


Stairs are an indispensable element of many cultural sites and works of art. Starting with the Spanish Steps, rising up from the Piazza di Spagna in Rome, and made famous by The Roman Holidays, an unforgettable classic starring Audrey Hepburn. Another legend of the cinema, The Battleship Potemkin, featured a staircase – the Odessa Steps – in one of its most remembered scenes.