Provence Wall Murals - Vinyl

Our Provence wall murals were inspired by the picturesque region of France, with its rustic feel, charming towns with narrow streets, and legendary lavender fields. The character of Provence, captured in simple, and at the same time tasteful images of old-fashioned architecture and delightful landscapes, can be easily brought to your own house, thanks to wall murals. If you want to change your space into an idyllic place where you can forget about the everyday rush, our selection of Provence wall murals is right there for you.... more


Provence is a place of rich history and cultural connotations. The region’s most renown city, Marseille, during the French Revolution gave its name to an inspiring song, originally written for the Army of Rhine. Today you may probably know this song as La Marseillaise, the national Anthem of France. Provence was also once the seat of Roman Catholic Papacy, when it was moved from Rome to Avignon in the 14th century, and remained the central point of papal reign for almost 70 years.