Orchids Wall Murals - Vinyl

Orchids, exceptionally beautiful and fragrant, are one of the most delicate and feminine decors one can imagine. With a wall mural presenting an elegantly blooming orchid twig, you can add a character of intimacy and sensuality to your interior. The variety of orchid shapes and colors is reflected in the multitude of patterns to choose from, giving you the possibility to select the one perfect for you, whether you need to put the finishing touch to a lavish home spa, or to make a refreshing change in your elegant, minimalistic bedroom. ... more


Orchids are an enormous family of flowering plants, comprising thousands of known species. Many of them, apart from their obvious decorative qualities, are used to prepare food and drinks, such as the famous salep. In addition to this, orchids are believed to possess healing properties, and have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. The orchid’s symbolic value is no inferior to that: in its various types, it is a national flower of several countries, from Venezuela, to Panama.