Minions Wall Murals - Vinyl

Do you know Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and their unruly yellow friends, dungarees and bananas aficionados? We’re sure you do, as the bunch of clumsy little creatures has made an incredible career since Despicable Me appeared in cinemas. Kids all around the world fell in love with Minions and their adventures, which is hardly surprising if you get at least one chance to get to know these evil at heart, and yet irresistibly charming fellows. Minions are featured on innumerable gadgets and toys, but we have one special for you: Minions patterns full of your favorite characters. ... more


We first met Minions when they were helping Gru with his evil plans to steal the moon. As it turns out later, though, the race of the little yellow guys reaches back to the prehistoric era, when they started to look for the most malicious master. Throughout the ages their clumsiness, together with several unfortunate coincidences, has set them on a seemingly endless journey in search of the greatest villain of all time. Just imagine all the exciting adventures on the way!