Canada Wall Murals - Vinyl

Canada is a peaceful, laid back country in which many would love to be able to live. No wonder it’s such a popular wall murals’ motif. After all, what better idea for a wall mural than a sought-after place, in which we would like to spend our days? The downside may be the fact that Canada is quite an expensive country to live in – but a wall mural with Canada’s landscapes on it isn’t expensive at all! ... more


Given how vast and diverse Canada is, some of you might not even be that surprised to hear that they’ve built a… UFO landing pad in Canada! That’s right, in St. Paul, Alta, you can find the world’s first UFO landing pad. In case you didn’t hear about that yet, it should give you some idea about how interesting and intriguing Canada really is – no wonder it’s such a popular theme for wall murals!