Universe Wall Murals - Vinyl

Undiscovered are the ways of the space. To this day, it remains distant, ominous and shrouded in legend. No wonder there are still daredevils, ready to leave everything behind and without batting an eye board a space shuttle and join an astronaut crew. Space is fascinating and terrifying at the same time, however, it's the aura of mystery that gets the upper hand over fear. For this reason, the theme of space is another original way of designing your interiors. ... more


Space is a perfect material for 3D wall murals. Wall murals illustrating planets, rockets or speeding comets will make your room look the way it never did before. Their advantages are mainly used in small and confined spaces, which we would like to visually enlarge. Decorations referring to the resources of the universe will create an illusion of space, and you will move to a completely different dimension.