Maps and flags Wall Murals - Vinyl

Finally! The decorative heaven for all those who enjoy geography, history, politics or just love to travel. With one simple decoration, you can show everyone your interests, or what are your dreams for the future. This category is also perfect for all those who have an educational business and are looking for the decoration which is both beautiful and practical ... more


Cartography is science that deals with maps, their structure and methods of constructing them. Some researchers say that the process of drawing maps is older than the art of writing. Even primal people were able to create a simple drawing of their neighbourhood. The reason why the process of map creating appeared was connected with the change in human needs. They were influenced by the development of the agriculture, then the economy, government and industry. The history of flags, on the other hand, is not so complex. At the beginning, they were used to distinguish armed troops on the battlefield. Their look was not so important as long as they differed from each other. Now, they are an important part of country's and nation's identity. The design is significant too.