London Wall Murals - Vinyl

There are cities which you cannot forget. They impress with their history, architecture, culture and people, cuisine or they are important from a political point of view. For every person, something different is important and memorable during travelling. There are cities that you need to see if you want to say that you are a traveler. London for sure is one of such places! It is significant to us for different reasons but one thing is certain, it is a beautiful city! So even if you have not visited it you can choose a wall mural inspired by London city. ... more


London is the third largest city in Europe. There are nearly 9 million people living there. That is quite a number! Moreover, it is one of the biggest financial centres in the world and you can find numerous banks here, as well as insurance companies, investment centres and one of the most influential media. Nearly 30 million tourists that visit this city every year. If you were there and you fell in love with this amazing city, you would like to go there, or you are looking for patterns inspired by London, you are in the perfect place!