Living room Wall Murals - Vinyl

The living room is the most representative part of every apartment. It is where we receive our guests and spend time with our families. Often, it is because of how the living room of our house looks, we're judged by others. Therefore it's important to make sure that the design of this room says as many interesting things about us as possible. A wall mural for the living room is a way to achieve that. It will surely draw the attention of anyone who visits you and will not get easily forgotten. ... more


Everyone personalizes his apartment according to his own taste, however, we have noticed some common tendencies in regards to decorating each room. When it comes to wall murals for the living room, the most popular ones are motifs with forest. The possibilities here are endless, as we get to choose from the fairytale, forest alleys or dark, mysterious woods. Wild creeks surrounded by trees are also an option.