Bridges Wall Murals - Vinyl

Bridges are considered to be not just impressive buildings and a symbol of strength, power. They also demonstrate the achievements and success of mankind. This is our legacy and a great contribution to the development of civilization. Just look at the Golden Gate, London Bridge, Tower Bridge and the bridges of New York City, Manhattan, Sydney and Wroclaw, where the past is mixed with modernity. Discover the beauty behind the bridges wall murals. Wall murals present original photographs of bridges, immortalized on the background of beautiful scenery. ... more


The longest bridge in the world is the Qingdao Haiwan Bridge. It is located in China and is 42.5 km long. In turn, the highest bridge is located in France (Millau Viaduct), which is suspended at height of over 340 meters. Now you can admire the artistry of engineering art, and it’s greatest achievements, right on your own wall!