Airplanes Wall Murals - Vinyl

Have you ever dreamed of closing your eyes and flying high into the clouds, free of any weight, of all worries? Flying has been a dream of humanity for centuries and even now, with easily available commercial flights, it still remains quite an experience. Planes wall murals will take you on an unforgettable journey in the sky, whether you are a devoted aficionado of these impressive machines, or simply if you want to get the feeling of nothing but a vast space of air between you and the ground. ... more


Attempts at constructing a flying machine reach back as far as the ancient Greece, and have occupied the greatest minds of all time, including Leonardo da Vinci, who created a design of a machine inspired by birds’ wings. Numerous experiments with gliders took place in the 19th century, to lead eventually to the first flights that were officially announced as successful by the FAI: the famous flights by the Wright brothers.