Halloween Stickers

This is thriller, thriller night! One of the most important holidays in the US has been becoming more and more popular every year for quite some time now. Get spooky with the incredible Pixers Halloween Stickers collection. If it's not scary, we don't want it! So get ready for some goosebumps.There's one night during the year when the dead come alive. It's also the time for kids to go trick or treating and get some candy. Today, make your home and your kid's room ready for that magical moment. Redesign your table with delicious but terrifying pumpkins. Put a set of bats onto your wardrobe. Set the right tone with a hand-drawn image of a Mexican skull on your doors. There are plenty of ways to get creative with it. Play with the usual stuff, or dig deeper and find real terror gems. Don't forget to mix and match, cutting & connecting various pieces with each other. With a one of a kind holiday like this, you can, and you should, have fun. Maybe you can come up with unique magic tricks to entertain your kids or your guests during the costume party. This night is long. Make it a memorable one. ... more