Pop art Posters

Andy Warhol might be long gone, but his iconic works, from Campbell's soup cans to collaborations with Jean Michele Basquiat, keep his spirit alive and inspire generation after generation of artists like KAWS, Takashi Murakami, or Daniel Arsham to create headline-buzzworthy pieces. Refresh your walls today with Pop Art Posters by Pixers. Playful colours, huge influences from advertising, comic books, and everyday objects - the movement was one of the first to start the dialogue on what art is. After all, how can a painting of a tomato soup cost millions of dollars? Testing the limits of culture and society, art pieces from this genre can be a wonderful gift to yourself or to people, who are rebels by nature. Refresh your living room. If it lacks some colour, one pop art poster can make all the difference. Get a missing piece for your bedroom. Brighten up your bathroom with something unexpected. Those wall decors scream for attention and conversation. So let them do the talking. Give a gift to your home. Order pop-art poster designs with only a few quick steps right now. ... more