If you are already fed up of standard Christmas decorations, which then after every holidays end up in a closet or in an old chest at the attic, PIXERS has something extraordinary for you! Thanks to the incredible possibilities offered by the stickers from our store, you can easily get creative and create your own wall compositions. And the best part of it is that with PIXERS’ stickers you will adorn not only walls, but also windows in your house.

For the window’s decoration use a translucent window film, dedicated especially to glass surfaces. The morning sun passing through the colourful pieces of the glass, will wake up even the biggest winter snooze! On the wall you can attach a standard sticker or a wall decal (where the motif is cut out from white background). Snowflakes, deers and other animals will look fabulous!

Take a look at our inspirational interiors and choose something for you! You can also have a look at our Christmas sets: PIXERS Gifts.

  1. „Christmas Motives” Window Film, 63×63 inches, $151
  2. „Squirrel” Wall Decal, 47×47 inches, $84
  3. „Xmass Tree” Standard Sticker, 63×79 inches, $174
  4. „Deer” Window Film, 59×59 inches, $136

  1. „Snowflakes” Wall Decal, 43×47 inches, $77
  2. „Blue Deer” Wall Decal, 79×67 inches, $200
  3. „Forest Deer” Wall Decal, 79×87 inches, $256
  4. „Black Pixel Deers” Wall Decal, 83×87 inches, $247