If you have ever dreamt of exotic journey during gray days of autumn, but you could never really afford, we have an alternative for you. We created our collection of wall murals, Tropical Diaries, especially for those who would be glad if autumn and winter didn’t exist at all. Imagine then waking up every day in your own bed and seeing beautiful breathtaking landscape taken directly from Caribbean Islands: sun is shining on clear sky, the sea is calm, palm trees cast shadows on the beach, which with its smooth sand seems like from another planet.

All this is at your fingerprints – the only thing to do is to install a wall mural with one of retro-style photograph from tropics featured in the Tropical Diaries collection. You can be sure that such view will be like a never-ending memory of summer, like a page from diary written especially for you and your wall.

Whilst it seems banally easy to organize the space in a minimalist style, with all furniture white, walls covered in grey and some modest accessories, the implementation of such characteristic element as an exotic wall mural to a room is, oh!, not so easy. But, it is all about attitude, so you just put your favourite motive on the wall and then you can think about all the rest: furniture, accessories and colours.

There are two ways of arranging space, so you fully use the potential of your stunning tropical wall mural.  One way is to mix it with simple shapes of the furniture and with rather minimalist accessories – this is how PIXERS has displayed the wall murals from the collection. Another way is to go all out: to accentuate a tropical atmosphere of the wall mural with matching furniture and decorations. Such as fruity, flowery and sunny prints that were all over the Spring/Summer 2012 catwalks and which were not so later adapted into interiors.

Tropical motives in fashion

Exotic View

Tropical Palm

Palm Trees

Exotic Sea

Trends like to come back and we think that it is worth even a small winter revolution to reintroduce your home to summer, while it is snowing outside.

Tropical Journey