In PIXERS we love spooky atmosphere of Halloween, its special traditions of trick-or-treating and guising, and we also love creating wall decorations for this unique night in a year. So, you don’t need to spend time on hollowing out pumpkins ever again to create an eerie climate at your home. Just forget those painstaking preparations! PIXERS has an unusual offer for those who love Halloween, but who are looking for simple and haunting (metaphorically and literally) solutions for this ancient celebration.

In the collection designed for Halloween you will find  all motives that you can ever think of when you think about Halloween: witches, skulls, pumpkins and monsters. The only thing you have to do with them is “peel and stick”. It has never been more easy, so time to get started the Halloween Party!

Naklejki „Colorful Skulls” & Poster

Posters: „Pumpkin” i „Trick or Treat!”

Wall Decal „Flower Skull”

  Poster „Ghost”

Wall Decal „Pumpkin and Witch”