Inspired by big city life and artists like Banksy and Jean-Michel Basquiat, we run a brand new collection of wall murals which brings to mind beautiful artworks that we can admire in public spaces. Street Art collection is a set of almost one hundred motifs (graffiti and more) which you could successfully find on the streets of Berlin, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, London or New York.

The concept of street art proves that art is a needful element of everyday people’s life and that our environment can have his own language. So do your home! If you identify yourself with open mind and individuality, this set of adhesive wall decorations will help you to bring urban atmosphere into your home.

Wall murals from Street Art collection are profound and rich, therefore, to avoid overwhelming the space, it would be better to mix them with soft accessories. Street Art proposed by us presents wide range of interesting characters such as Salvador Dali, Charlie Chaplin, Twiggy or even Kermit! The collection is full of intense colors, dynamism, emotions and expressions.

„Some people consider street art a crime; others consider it a form of art. It is a borderline issue.” At PIXERS, we believe street art is the greatest kind of creativity. It helps people to see magic in ordinary things.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a rebel, an outsider or b-boy, just look at the complete Street Art collection and feel the soul of the city in your unique space:



Gangsta Style