Inspired by summer and extraordinary voyages, we have released a new collection of wall murals which will bring the adventure to your walls! Do you remember Around the World in Eighty Days – this classic novel by the French writer, Jules Verne? That’s right. Now, it’s also an amazing set of wall murals presenting the greatest vintage maps.

Our new collection consists of 50 beautiful retro maps. They will fit both, from classic to modern interiors. Good to know that map-themed decorations are versatile and don’t overwhelm the space. You can place them anywhere you want and they will always bring the wow effect to your home. The colors that dominate the collection are a mix of pastels and deep browns. Each of maps will give you the impression to be gentle like a parchment and old as the hills! What a great idea for vintage and retro style lovers.

In life, figuratively and literally, it’s all about the journey. With us, you can travel around the world without even leaving your cozy living room or bedroom. We all love to travel and discover new horizons. We all need to travel and discover new horizons! Even if the world is not enough…

All adhesives from vintage maps collection are available in custom sizes and come in a wide variety of permanent and reusable high quality materials.

The complete collection which will allow you to move in time and space, is available at: