Today we’ve released our brand new collection of wall murals called Musicology. It features eight graphics inspired by the style of artists, whose work influences pop culture and remains a stimulus for singers of diverse music genres. The collection includes artworks depicting the most crazy artistic creations, beginning with archetypical Depeche Mode, through crazy P!nk, alternative Skin, rebellious Jay-Z, energetic M.I.A., pop Rihanna, ending with electrifying Daft Punk duo and cult Jamiroquai.

We love summer festivals and we believe that music can heal the souls. Musicology showcases the music icons in a combination of beautiful neon and pastel colours. They will be an adequate addition to every interior! Our collection expresses this special kind of love being a mixture of love to music and to interior designing. After all, music keep on influencing each other, setting new trends.

Musicology will delight everybody, from a crazy teenager to established music lover. It depicts a wide variety of emotions: every artwork reflects an atmosphere of each band/singer end their songs. You will find there both an electronic ambiance of Reach Out and Touch Faith and energetic pop boom by M.I.A. in her BANG BANG BANG! 

If you are a music lover just like us, let the Musicology flow stay in your heart and on your walls!

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