Month of May, everybody’s in love” We have to agree with this famous Arcade Fire’s song. The smell of blooming flowers mixed with the sounds of birds and the warmth of sun’s rays are putting us in a romantic mood. Hence the theme of today’s post. A large dose of endorphins we have received in the last 3 weeks, inspired us to look over our previous works and choose the arrangements that we believe best reflect the tender atmosphere of May.

Romantic wall murals and posters form PIXERS will help you keep the positive energy for longer, and moreover, will be a perfect gift for your second half. Among our suggestions, you’ll find both comic book inspired decals, retro posters and wall murals with romantic quotes. Which one you enjoyed the most?

Kiss - wall decal

Kiss - wall stickers

Romantic wall mural

Romantic wall mural

I love you - wall mural

Romantic sticker for window

Love - wall mural

I love you - Poster

Hearts - poster

Romantic wall mural