So many images can come to mind while thinking about forest! Some people will think about the Amazon jungle, others will recall memories of Sunday walks in the nearby coniferous forest. Someone else can imagine a bunch of trees dusted with snow.

Forrest inspires also the interior designers who resort to this theme more and more often. It’s not surprising at all. Forrest is a motive that will look great both in living rooms and bedrooms because relaxes and eases the mind. Moreover, is compatible with the hottest trends – decorating homes with earth tones and resort to the patterns inspired by nature.

In PIXERS you’ll find a lot of amazing forests themed wall murals. We’ve even prepared 6 different arrangements inspired by this motive, just to show you its different faces and maybe inspire you to redecorate your home. Forest has a great potential as a decorative theme and should definitely be taken into account when choosing your dream wall mural.

Winter Forest

This wall mural is an excellent choice for lovers of white color. In summer, it will cool the interior, in winter, it will perfectly complement the landscape outside the window.

Winter forest - wall mural


This wall mural, when put on all the walls, will literally take your breath away!

Jungle - wall mural

Pastel Forest

The ideal choice for a child’s room. Pastel trees will certainly stimulate the imagination and inspire a lot of funny games.

Colorful forest - wall mural

Enchanted Forest

This wall mural will create in your home a truly magical atmosphere. This is definitely one of the most inspiring and intriguing forest motifs in our store!

Enchanted forest - wall mural

Cartoon Forest

A lovely wall mural of repeated patterns of trees, which will be a remarkable decoration of any apartment ruled by lovers of ecology and symmetry.

Cartoon forest - wall mural

Misty Forest

These perfectly harmonized shades of green are a wonderful backdrop for furniture and other decorative items made of natural materials.

Misty forest - wall mural

Which of presented wall murals is your favourite one?